“It was a happy coincidence that brought me into the world of Seamonster’s wide-eyed songs and delicate, homespun arrangements: bedroom folk-pop for day dreamers and sleep walkers alike.”
-- Robert Schneider, The Apples in Stereo

"Sublime and beautiful."

"Webb paints a musical canvas - elegantly, flaunting a quirky charm - dreamy, strange and consuming."
-- Gold Flake Paint

-- Hopeless Thunder

"Simultaneously beautiful and jarring, familiar and strange, occasionally haunting, and frequently whimsical, Baldessari is a fully realized collection of songs representing an artist at his prime. "
-- Variance Magazine


"On Plant Life, Oahu has sculpted [three] tracks of hypnotic escape... drawn out tropical drones, subconsciously evoking vibraphones and chirping birds. The second [side] pictures a forest at both the micro and macro level as suggested by [the] titles, 'Ant Colony,' [and] 'Redwood.' [Plant Life] taps the essence of minimalistic ambience."
-- Whurk Magazine

"Adrian Todd Webb’s Oahu project is a whimsical departure from his other pursuits as a member of the electro-folk-pop band Seamonster, Illustrator / Cartoonist, and the Editor of Nine Things magazine. Plant Life is island living encapsulated in multi-tonal ambience. The title side slowly grows from simple chord to big distorted sun saturated beast over the length of the tape; a meditation on nurturing, patience and the behemoth potential of nature itself. These are the harmonies of organisms linking together to develop, spread and survive. Ant Colony begins on a percussive note and pulls some of that Seamonster flare into the fold. An unexpected noisy, acidic groove that mimics the busy, bouncy work that goes on in an ant colony. Synths symbolically jabber and bustle like the commanding and responding creatures of the mound. Oahu finishes the tape off with Redwood, a droney bit of business built for the scenic experience. A muted, foggy piece that pairs well with stargazing through the slits in the treetops."
-- Cassette Gods

"Three tracks, one full length on the front, two on the flip, experimenting with crispy overloaded fuzz. The title track (on A) a looping wonderfully placid melodic sequence. Breezy, overloaded, blown out beauty. Washed out production, feels like a faded polaroid. Maybe it’s the cover image, or not, but it has this overexposed oceanside vibe to it. Something to close your eyes to and wash away with. On the B side Ant Colony applies a ragged layer of percussion, taking things slightly uptempo and off kilter. The closer, Redwood brings both tracks together in a lengthy amalgam of pulsation caught halfway between beats and ambient, and sort of rhythm created by subtraction. Where the movement of the melody is the percussion. Super chill listen. Nice and brief, no frills. Awesome tape."
-- Guide Me Little Tape




"Fox Hands is a timid, noisy, jittery kaleidoscope of colourful sounds... a lo-fi troubadour exercising his wit and charm with fantastic results."
-- Einstein Music Journal

"Fox Hands manages to take a simple concept and make it utterly sublime."
-- Cactus Mouth

"Fox Hands make a claim for being one of the more essential artists working in the post-Animal Collective music world."
-- Tome To The Weather Machine