"Todd Webb's comics are less about chronicling life's events than expressing an
unabashed love of living, good medicine for anyone in a bit of a funk."
-- Jeffrey Brown, author of 'Darth Vader and Son' and 'Little Things'

"Todd Webb's cartoons are not only a breath of fresh air, but a ray of hope."
-- Jimmy Gownley, author of 'Amelia Rules!' and 'The Dumbest Idea Ever!'

MR TOAST COMICS - an ongoing print series written by Dan Goodsell with art by myself - visit your local comics retailer for all the latest Mr Toast goodness!

MOON FESTIVAL - an indeterminate comic created using chance operations - read about how I made it here: Creating Moon Festival (archived at Wall Drawing)

MINOR CHANGES - an ongoing experimental series made for Comics Workbook (archived at Wall Drawing)

THE ADVENTURES OF DANNY AND MIKE - a monthly recap comic created for the podcast of the same name featuring Danny Tamberelli and Michael Maronna, stars of TV's "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" (external link to TAoD&M comics page)

CHANCE OPERATIONS - an ongoing experimental series made for Comics Workbook which uses chance operations to compose each element of the strip (archived at Wall Drawing)

READING WAR & PEACE - an in-progress comic begun in 2009, which chronicles my attempt to read "War and Peace"

CASUAL POET - my at-one-time daily and at-later-times sporadic cartoon journal, begun in the year 2000 and carried out through 2008 in various incarnations, sometimes featuring a robot and a mummy or dead literary icons as stand-ins for myself

TUESDAY MOON - a story about a girl named Tuesday who has a grand adventure, drawn in 2007

VALENTINE: A CAUTIONARY TALE - a series of short and snotty comics from 2005 about a love blinded boy and the girl who wants nothing to do with him

THE GOLDFISH AND BOB - my first long book, completed in 2001, it is the story of a man named Bob and how a goldfish changed his perception of the world



"Todd Webb is one of my favorite cartoonists! Life pours from his observations and art."
-- Mike Avon Oeming, 'Powers' co-creator

"Sweet and charming with that inviting brush line - I like the spiritual themes. And the sweetness!"
-- Craig Thompson, author of 'Blankets' and 'Habibi'

"Todd Webb talks to animals, makes magic out of the minimal, and is
the conduit for a fun-loving Robot & an adorably innocent Mummy. To
follow their adventures is like coming into work and realizing there's
cake because it's someone's birthday: IT'S JUST THAT SWEET!!!"
-- Liz Prince, author of 'Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?'

"Terriffic! Super fun energetic kicky stuff! instantly likeable - better than ANYTHING in the newspapers."
-- Mike Allred, author of 'Madman' and 'Red Rocket Seven'

"Solid gold!"
-- Jay Stephens, creator of 'Tutenstein' and 'Secret Saturdays'

"Very sweet in nature, not without a little bit of weirdness, though, too, which is good."
-- Lilli Carre, author of 'The Lagoon' and 'Tales of Woodsman Pete'